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HYDEA Community

HYDEA Community is intended to be an across borders forum for governments, port authorities, energy agencies, associations, hydrogen valleys, local communities, energy cooperatives, educational institutions, renewable energy developers, scientific, SME, financial entities, transport sectors, grid operators and hydrogen projects coordinators.

The benefits of being part of this HYDEA community will be manifold:

To raise awareness of the potential of hydrogen in sustainable community development, decarbonisation, and energy security.

To offer a forum to share information, experiences, best practices of how port systems could deploy hydrogen across Atlantic Area.

To provide an up-to-date, informed resource for hydrogen information and case studies.

To provide access to a unique decision support tool to assist in evaluating how hydrogen technologies can be deployed in individual scenarios.

To play a role in developing long term strategies for the advancement in adoption of hydrogen technologies by contributing to a roadmap.

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