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Stain tuned with HYDEA outputs

HYDEA project aims to evaluate, develop, and promote the use of technologies based on green hydrogen from renewable energies in Atlantic Arc ports. Several concrete achievements are planned at the end of the 3 years of work:

  • Provision of reliable information on the potential of hydrogen in the European Union and for the decarbonisation of ports.
  • Development of decision-making tools based on case studies in particular.
  • Development of innovative solutions adapted to ports and involvement of SMEs in the hydrogen ecosystem.
  • Preparing action plans for partner ports and a roadmap for Atlantic Arc ports.
  • Contributing to a joint discussion on current and future hydrogen needs in ports.

Several communication and dissemination initiatives are planned throughout the project to provide information on the progress of the work and to hold dedicated events: newsletters, meetings, workshops, webinars, fair trade attendances, open days, scientific seminar, scientific papers publication, etc.

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